Category: Extreme Layovers

Setting foot in all 193 countries is no easy feat, especially for a guy like me that has a job! How do I see so many countries each year with only three weeks of vacation?

Some visits are simply layovers. Longer layovers though. It doesn’t count if you don’t leave the airport…but if you have a layover at least four hours long, and the airport is close to the city–why not jump in a cab and go to town (literally!)

It doesn’t happen, but sometimes you can find flights with long international layovers…it’s awesome when you have a stop in a new country for eight hours or more. Then you can really enjoy some sights without rushing too much.

The best part is, it’s pretty much free…you don’t pay for an extra flight (the layover is part of your original ticket), and you don’t need a hotel room.

So look for these long layovers, and make sure to factor in travel time to and from the airport; and that you should be back at the airport with at least two hours to spare. It’s not worth missing your flight.

Remember, it doesn’t “count” if you never leave the airport!