Sponsor Opportunities and Disclosures

For the reader: When you read my blogs and stories and watch my videos, you can be rest assured that they are created out of a genuine love for travel and not because someone paid me or gave me free services to advertise their brand.

As of this publication, I’ve seen 165 out 193 counties and have only had my lodging sponsored twice (Peru and Tonga). On the rare times I am provided services in exchange for publicity, I clearly disclose such partnership in the respective article so there is no confusion.

When you purchase goods or services from links on my website (mainly hotels, tours and Amazon links), I may receive a very small commission from the respective company. You are not charged a penny more for shopping or booking through my links, so by all means, click and shop and book away! The commission for each booking or purchase is literally pennies: To date, I’ve taken in about USD $60, which doesn’t even pay to host this website – but one day it may be possible to cover this website’s costs, who knows? What’s important to know, is that I didn’t create this website to make money, so no pressure either way – I’m just glad you’re here!

The Elusive Sponsor Opportunity
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