Best Beach (crowded)


Recife, Brasil – Boa Viagem Beach

This is more than your average “day at the beach.” This is an experience.

More than just sun and sand, an afternoon at Praia de Boa Viagem is filled with a million different sights, sounds and smells. Perhaps it’s the roaming vendors that inject the most flavor to this one of a kind beach. Don’t you dare bring any food and drink, because they offer just about everything on the beach: grilled cheese, hot dogs, oysters, fish, sandwiches, cashews, peanuts, ice cream, fish stew, anything you want to drink! They even provide the beach chairs and umbrellas. So much good food, you should always come to Boa Viagem with an empty stomach so you can try all the good food.

The sounds are amazing too. I’ve never heard such a variety of sounds, all coming together to make beautiful music: the waves crashing, the kids playing, the parents yelling at the kids, the ice cream man’s bell, the pirated CD salesman’s speakers, and my favorite sound–the calls of Gordo De Salada!

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