Best Airline

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I love Icelandair for many reasons. Flying with them included a series of surprises and extras.

First, their “stopover” option. The good folks at Icelandair actually invite you to make a stopover in Iceland, for up toseven days, at no extra charge, and that is absolutely fantastic!  The longest stopover I ever had was about 24-hours in Panama City…but the fact that Icelandair will let you chill (pun intended) for a full week before you hop on the second leg of your flight…that is amazing!  So next time you plan a trip to Europe, fly Icelandair and take advantage of a free stopover in Iceland on the way to your final destination.

I also gotta give ’em props for the overall flying experience with them. They are the first airline I’ve even flown on that offers free WiFi. God bless them! They’ve earned a customer for life. They also have great entertainment: TV screens in front of every seat and a USB port. That’s how you do it.

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